Ada Plugin for Xcode

Current version : beta 3. Download it

Jan. 2008 : updated for Xcode 3.0
May 2006 : updated for Xcode 2.3

Table of Contents

1. What is Ada ?

From Ada's page on wikipedia :

Ada is a structured, statically typed imperative computer programming language designed by a team led by Jean Ichbiah of CII Honeywell Bull during 1977–1983. It addresses many of the same tasks as C or C++, but with one of the best type-safety systems available in a statically typed programming language. Ada was named after Ada Lovelace, who is often credited with being the first computer programmer.

You may find much information at and

2. Description

This Xcode plugin allow you to :

However, as it's a beta version, it doesn't support yet :

3. Download & Install

Requirement :

Download it and read the README for installation instructions.

If you want to use another version of GNAT, it's possible. You just need to replace all paths starting with /usr/local/ada-4.2/bin by the path where is installed your GNAT binaries in files in the folder : AdaPlugin.pbplugin/Contents/Resources/.

4. License & Source Code

The Ada plugin is distributed under the GPL license.

Access the source code from the SVN repository at :

The description of Xcode's plugin interface.

Sourceforge page for Xcode Plugins

I'd like to thank :